Aspexi Facebook Like Box Slider HD

It’s a very customizable Facebook Like Box slider More »

Mantis to Redmine migration script

Here you can find how to migrate from Mantis to Redmine bugtracker. More »

Calendar icons for your WordPress blog

Do you like calendar icons that you can see on my site? It s easy to implement in your Wordpress site. Here what you need to do: More »


Google Maps “loading map – please wait…” issue

I had this problem with Maps Marker Pro recently – my map did not load on the page, I saw “loading map – please wait…” only instead.

I followed this guide from plugin’s author. It turned out, that in my template JS code I had something like this:

Removing that code solved my issue!

P.S. If you are using _tk basic template you may have noticed that this code was removed as well. As always I recommend keeping your code and plugins up-to-date.

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WordPress hacked. Why? What to do now?

Here’s comment I made on LinkedIn WordPress Experts group:

1. Those backdoor scripts works in two ways mostly:

a) it’s a backdoor shell so hacker gets access to many services inside your hosting server (all files, easy to brute force passwords for ssh / ftp / mysql, etc)

b) it’s a dedicated backdoor that sits in WP core / other PHP file or in database (like this one and does some ugly stuff inside your website (for example allows google to index “viagra”-style pages, just hit in and see what pages are indexed, quite often after hack you will see that many extra subpages are indexed)

2. How to fix?

a) remove site -> change all passwords or hosting -> install LATEST WordPress and keep it updated (hacker can easily use many tools, such wpscan to detect MOST weaknesses of your WP site in ONE CLICK). Unfortunately this requires removing all content.

b) to keep content you could:

* temporary close the site
* change all passwords (ftp, ssh, mysql, admin)
* download original core and all plugins and themes and meld all files to find any changes
* search database for any bad scripts, code, links (be careful, code might be serialized, base64 encoded, etc.)
* this is unfortunately timeconsuming and not cheap but you will keep your content

Cleaning hacked site is very important because hacker may use your site for phishing, steal an identity, send spam to others, use your hosting as a part of botnet, and many more.

If your site was hacked and you need help, please contact me.

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Aspexi Facebook Like Box Slider HD


Here is my first premium plugin. It’s a very customizable Facebook Like Box slider. Plugin includes 8 amazing and original buttons in high resolution (SVG).

Go to plugin’s page for more information.

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