Aspexi Easy Login URL wordpress plugin

This plugin allows you to easy login wordpress. More »

Mantis to Redmine migration script

Here you can find how to migrate from Mantis to Redmine bugtracker. More »

Calendar icons for your WordPress blog

Do you like calendar icons that you can see on my site? It s easy to implement in your Wordpress site. Here what you need to do: More »


Trim whitespace in unicode (multibyte) string in PHP

This might be helpful in many cases:

Some alternative methods on stackoverflow.

Events Manager and WCK Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator conflict

This time I had a conflict using those two plugins in one of my WordPress websites:

Events Manager is a great plugin for events. It creates new custom post type – events. WCK is also powerful plugin for creating custom fields and custom post types.

I wanted to add some custom fields using WCK into events post type. Unfortunately on event save post all custom fields were extra serialized. It’s because Event Manager plugin treats it as “event attributes”.

So far the best solution for me is to add this code in functions.php:

Where “wck_meta_name” is a custom field meta name (not field slug) you want use for events.

Tested on WordPress 3.8.1, WCK 1.0.7 and Events Manager 5.5.2.

Gnome Shell quick reload via console (like alt + f2 and r)

Gnome Shell can freeze sometimes, you cannot move any window but keyboard and console works fine. Normally you would press alt+f2 and input r and press enter. Sometimes this does not work. The solution is this command:

If this does not help, you can go to tty (alt + ctrl + f2), login and use this command:

You might need to change gdm to lightgdm depends on distro version you have installed.